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michaelandbrian.net has moved!!! - Always Have, Always Will [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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michaelandbrian.net has moved!!! [Jan. 14th, 2009|08:46 pm]
Always Have, Always Will


[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]

(sorry for the cross posting but it needs to be done!)

michaelandbrian.net has moved to a new web address!

michaelandbrian.net has moved to a new web address!

After months of threatening to do it, I finally decided not to renew michaelandbrian.net. Maintaining the site has become a financial burden. When I made this decsion months ago I gave my word that the site would not be shut down. And because I always keep my word, I have moved the *entire* website to a free web host!

At the moment the site looks a mess, it's not perfect but this is a move I was determined to get done before the 16th of January. As of the 16th the domain name of michaelandbrian.net will be no longer in use, so if you type that URL in the result will be a dead web page.

So please spread the word and change all your bookmarks!

It's real important that you all let people know because I was stunned when I looked at the statistics of web hits he site continues to get such amazing traffic! In the first *11 days* of this month there were 357 Visits! That's *amazing*

The new address is:


As I said, the site is a mess and not exactly pretty. And there's a section or two that needs work, so please keep in mind this is a work in progress.

Thank you!